Dec 16, 2016- For our 2016 " Coating the Community" Coat drive the My Life Movement partnered with Team Fan Favorite."Fan Favorite is geared towards basketball and promoting a lifestyle of ambition and determination." 

Together, we gifted 56 third grade students of the PJ Hill elementary school in Trenton, NJ. After many months of searching, both MLM and FF collected more than 35 donors who gave a coat or monetary donation.

However, we not only gave the student coats, but we also hosted a three-hour Christmas party to kick their holidays off right. The children decorated cookies, listened to a reading and played a few basketball games with Team Fan Favorite's Lakeisha Sutton.

For the last hour of the coat Drive Lakeisha spoke to the students about her journey as the "Fan Favorite" starting from her time as a player at P.J. Hill Elementary to the University of South Carolina to become an International Professional Basketball player. She ended her speech by reminding the students to follow their dreams (#weallneedweallwegot).

With that said, Progam Coordinator Jamayrah Moore left the kids with one last message: 

"If anyone ever tells you that your dream is IMPOSSIBLE, tell them NO, I'M POSSIBLE!"

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“The My Life Movement LLC exists to encourage and motivate the masses of Trenton, New Jersey through action, while creating the necessary change that this generation is seeking. My Life Movement aims to promote social welfare, general education, and the prosperity of our community. We are a multi ethnic, growning organization striving to create a safer environment for our generation and generations to come." 

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My Life Movement (MLM) began in the summer of 2013. We, along with you, want to give our city Trenton,NJ recognition, faith, and hope through the power of our movement for the future.
We want to equip our youth with the tools they need to become mentors, lawyers, doctors, and etc by spreading the Movement through the masses of Trenton, to improve the lives of everyone in it's 8 mile radius. 

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2016 "Coating the Community" Coat Drive