How and Why 

“The My Life Movement organization exists to encourage and motivate the masses of Trenton, New Jersey through action while creating the necessary change that this generation is seeking. My Life Movement aims to promote social welfare, general education, and the prosperity of our community. We are a multi-ethnic, growing organization striving to create a safer environment for our generation and generations to come."

Our objective is to make known the essential resources that are already available within the community by strategically executing partnerships and sponsorships of other existing organization and non-profits within the community; enabling them to enhance the quality of life of adolescent’s living in urban areas. We act to ignite positive social change within the hearts and minds of every Trentonian, delivering to the community through action, information, advocacy, and service. 

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Encourage and motivate the masses of Trenton, NJ through action, while creating necessary change that this generation is seeking. 

Who Are We 

Through every event planned I hope to improve and enhance the lives of every constituent of Trenton, NJ. My hopes are to include all students and youths of the community inspiring them to reach their greatest potential. I feel that in order to continuously allow students to reach such potential, it is important to provide them with the necessary knowledge, experiences, and tools to develop the opportunity for them to become the future leaders of our city. It is my belief that the most powerful muscle of the body is the tongue because of its ability to control what we say. If someone does not speak up and speak out, they are no more than the seed that is not planted. The non-profit organization, My Life Movement, has been the source through which I have voiced my message of community on account of shaping the community of Trenton, New Jersey. It begins with the mindset of the community, which trickles down to the education of the current generation, who will eventually influence the next. “Knowledge is power!” 

Quaeenqua Woods
Twitter Advocate




We meet every first Saturday of the month, email us for the loccation of our next meeting at :


By implementing interactive educational programming and a series of volunteer opportunities, the My Life Movement is able to advocate community awareness while working to bridge the gap and unify the education system, the local justice system and its people; indeed fulfilling civic duties as citizens of Trenton, NJ.

Our Vision

Jamayrah Moore
 Co-Founder & Program Director
"Don't feed yourself with words and starve yourself of actions"- J.M.

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